It’s “Our Time 2 Ride” (again)

We’re baaaack!


2014-08-25 07.23.47

It’s been nearly 4 years since our return from our 2014 world trip. Our feet have become itchy again!  We’ve been planning another trip over the last 6 months.  We’re doing another trip through China with Steve Hotson and Motoexplorers with a slightly different route.

Now that we have the required visas for Russia and China, we’re ready to start riding and blogging again!


The visa process was a little smoother this time but just as stressful!

We shipped our bike to Heidelberg, Germany in March and will be departing Florida on July 24th.


Mostly packed and ready to go!

Our trip Spot Tracker is at this link (NEW link as of July 31st):

Please message Ger or me via our Facebook or personal email (or to request a password.

Stay tuned for more updates once we’re underway on July 24th!


Turkey or Bust, 7 Apr 11 (Day 9)

Today was a transit day and fairly uneventful.  Remember the quote “no plan ever survived contact with the enemy?”  Well, in this case the enemy turned out to be the weather.  While the weather was ideal on our ride to the Port of Piraeus to catch the ferry for the Greek island of Chios it was not so ideal on the high seas.  The heavy winds from the previous night had delayed the incoming ferry resulting in its cancellation.   Luckily for us there was another ferry option later that night – unfortunately for us it wouldn’t arrive in Chios until very early the next morning.  As a result, we had some about 7 extra hours of quality time in the Port’s Passenger Terminal to relax and catch up on planning the rest of the trip.

After figuring out how to return our first ferry tickets for a refund we were able to purchase (cash or debit card only) new ferry tickets from the another company.

Watching the antics of loading the ferry was amusement in itself but they loaded us quickly (another plus for two wheels!).

Waiting to board the ferry in Athens

We had some interesting fellow passengers as well – not sure what nationality they were or where they were headed but they availed of any available floor space on the ferry to bed down for the night.


Where are we now? – Malaysia!

I know I still haven’t blogged on Thailand and Cambodia but for those of you wondering about our status we’re still alive!!  We’re in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and just made reservations for the bike to fly out 23rd November and then we fly out 24th to New Zealand so all going well we’ll be back on the road the end of next week!

Reminder, you can always check our last/current location on our SPOT Map with the Password china2014

In the meantime, here’s a few photos from Malaysia.

John and Ger


14,000 miles from Germany and counting!


Beach scene in Penang – Bikinis to Burkas and everything in between!


Chinese Funeral Ceremony in Cameron Highlands


Fresh Tea anyone??


Not sure what this is but I think it means this is the part of the prayer building (highway rest area) for women.


Hillside shop in Cameron Highlands


Malaysia – a motorcyclist’s friend! No tolls on highways, special lanes on the highway to bypass the toll booths, designated shelter areas under highway bridges to change into wet gear and secure airport motorcycle parking for $0.30 all day (or even weeks by the look of it)!!!!

Laos – Undeveloped, Wonderful and Beautiful!!!

For those of you that aren’t connected via Facebook we are still alive and mobile and are currently back in Thailand after touring Cambodia.  As a result, we are three countries behind in blog updates!  Sorry for slacking on the blog updates but since leaving China we’ve been basically on our own as far as planning out the daily route and making lodging arrangements which has limited our free time at the end of the day (as well as WiFi speed to upload photos).  We’ll try to provide a Laos overview in one update.  To summarize, it’s a beautiful wild country (can’t capture it in pictures with our cameras), with wonderful friendly people, inexpensive and great motorcycling opportunities but not great road conditions.

Our route took us “off the beaten track” onto roads rarely frequented by the typical “westerner.”  We arrived as the rainy season was ending so many of the roads had been blocked to landslides which left slippery clay/mud on road surfaces and meant a few sections were challenging for us to navigate two-up with luggage on a big/heavy bike.  As a result, the first few days we were there we arrived after dark at our destination – not something I enjoy doing as a habit!

The whole time we were there I don’t recall seeing any police and we didn’t encounter any traffic lights until arriving in the capital, Vientiane.

If we were doing this again, we would plan to spend more time in Laos and less time in Thailand (more developed).  Anyway, here’s some pictures to capture our time in Laos.

Made it out of China late afternoon.


Ger in “no man’s land” between China and Laos.


One of the first tasks after entering Laos was obtaining motorcycle insurance.


…. and local SIMs for our cell phones so we could keep track of each other!


Waiting at the border Customs Checkpoint for our bike documents.


The Laos side or the border station.

On our way into Laos we noticed lots of roadside fires apparently from burning piles of corn cobs – possibly to keep mosquitoes away or just to burn them for disposal?


Our first lodging in Laos was in our own bungalow in a small village.



Woke up our first morning to this beautiful daughter of the family we stayed with.


First breakfast – small but really delicious bananas.


….. and finally, after more than 30 days – bread and butter!


Chicken (as good as Germany’s “Chicken Man”” and rice at the Night Food Market the day we arrived. Didn’t get food poisoning!

Our second night was at a wonderful small hotel on the Ou River.  Shame we got in late and didn’t fully enjoy the place and village.


Ger on the breakfast patio.


Yours truly and “herself.”


Brian on our scenic breakfast patio on our third day.

The village scenes and people along the way were the main attraction.


Even the youngest children contribute to the family chores by carrying whatever is needed at the time in the baskets on their backs. Aren’t they beautiful?


Typical roadside scene – family bath time.








Head/foot ball match.



This lady was spinning here own thread on the side of the road and weaving traditional cloth on her loom.


la_yarnspinning la_yarn2 la_yarn3 la_yarn4


Many families live in huts and many only a landslide away from collapsing.




Hard to capture the beautiful landscape with our camera skills and cameras.






The road surfaces were poor especially where they had recent landslides.


Moist sand and gravel on corners – recipe for disaster on 2-wheels!


Remnants of a recent landslide on a turn – typical scene.



We went by Luang Prabang – nice town but too touristy (too many yanks and other westerners) for our liking!  Brian decided to get his haircut as he was starting to look like a hippy.


Kurt relaxing by the Mekong River.


The hippy getting a haircut in a shed from an ancient barber.


Birthday Boy Chris with his bag of insects present at dinner in Vientiane.


We did do one “touristy” thing and visited Site 1 of the “Plain of Jars” which has an old and more recent (bombings in the 1970s). history associated with it.

la_planeofjars_john la_planeofjars la_planejars_crater       la_plain_jars_ger la_plain_jars




We had to change over to riding on the LEFT side of the road before crossing the Friendship Bridge to Thailand.